A bit about us…

If you are joining our school for the first time. Welcome and we hope your association with our school will be a happy and fruitful one.


Class Teachers:

Annabelle Borez

Juliette Raaff

Jacqueline Billings

Teaching Assistants:

Janine Hendricks

Francious Oosthuizen


 Joyce Julius

Tanzi Cruise   – School Principal


School History & aims

St Luke’s Educare was established as a morning playgroup in 1981. We are proud to have been one of the first ‘open’ pre-schools in the days when education was strictly segregated. This policy led to threats of closure by the authorities until we were finally registered in 1987. Today we are happy to make our contribution to early childhood education in the new South Africa. We aim to provide a high standard of pre-school education in a Christian environment. We are multicultural and everyone is welcome at St Luke’s. Our motto is ‘St Luke’s Educare & Pre-primary, a place for everyone.  To cater to working parents, we now offer full-day and half-day programmes throughout the year. Staff are qualified and experienced and the school is very well equipped. Our school readiness programme is thorough and well received by schools in the area. As Christians, our goal is to help each child achieve his or her full potential. We are concerned about the growth and development of the whole child – his/her physical, social, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual development. This we believe is best achieved with the right balance of organised activity and ‘play’ in a structured environment. Finally, we believe that to be truly effective, education must be seen as a partnership between parents and school and we, therefore, encourage parents to participate actively and take an interest in all aspects of their child’s preschool programme.


St Luke’s Educare is a private centre run under the auspices of St John’s Parish Wynberg and St Luke’s Church Diep River.
We are a non-profit making body. After payment of staff salaries and other costs, any excess funds are used to upgrade and maintain equipment and facilities at the school. Fees paid by parents cover operating costs and staff salaries.
These are supplemented by annual fundraising events involving the whole school (usually a Big Walk). In addition, termly raffles and cake sales are organised. The school is run by the Principal and staff team.
The management committee comprises staff, parents and St Luke’s church members.

Age groups and numbers: St Luke’s Educare can accommodate between 60 and 65 children divided into three groups according to age.

  • 2½– 4 years is our playgroup
  • (Pre-Grade R) ages 4  – This group is the commencement of the pre-school programme.
  • (Grade R) ages 5 – 6 years – This group of children complete the school readiness programme.



  • 7:00 – 8 am – Children arrive, breakfast, and free play indoors.
  • 8 am–12.30 pm Academic programme
    The morning programme centres around themes to which the children can relate easily e.g. colour, transport, the sea, my body etc.
    Each day there are different creative activities covering painting, glueing, cutting, dough modelling, baking and simple science experiments etc.
    There will also be a news ring, language ring, auditory perception, Bible story and a prayer, music and drama, snack time and toilet routines, outdoor playtime, indoor quiet play individually or in small groups using educational equipment and games, story-time and preparation for lunch or home.
  • 12.30pm – 17.30pm – Afternoon programme
    Lunch is served between 12.15 and 12.45 pm. After lunch and toilet routine, children sleep or rest from 1 pm until 2.30 pm.
    Thereafter supervised play outdoors, depending on the weather, until 4.30 pm with a tea break at 3.30 pm.
    Free play indoors from 4.30 pm onwards – crayons, paper, puzzles and construction toys are available. Storytime or news time and the occasional short video are also included.


  • Cultural Days – one per term JAM (Jesus and Me) – one per week (15 min.)
  •  Educational Outings – one per term (when able to after restrictions lift)
  • Holiday programme more outdoor and playtime activities along with creative activities each morning.
  • Progress reports : Issued in May/June and November/December of each year. Parents are allowed to discuss reports individually with teachers. Parents may approach teachers at any time with concerns and questions.
  • Nativity play & Graduation: We end each year with a traditional nativity play in November. All children participate (unless parents request otherwise). The Grade R group ‘graduate’ – gowns and costumes are provided.




School readiness

This programme covers 2 years, beginning at age 4 turning 5. In the second year, the learners are in the Pre-School class, (Grade R) where they are introduced to foundation skills and concepts in numeracy and phonics including Letterland. Learners complete worksheets and work in their school readiness workbook in addition to other activities. Children are well prepared and confident to enter Grade 1 by the end of the second year.


Extra-mural activities and Outings

  • Extra murals: When numbers permit we offer Karate, Let’s Talk, Playball. Termly fees are paid directly to the person concerned.
  • Outings: Termly outings* organised and charged for individually. An indemnity form must be signed for each outing or the child will have to stay at school.

* School outings (once restrictions are lifted) are usually 1-2 per year. These are charged for as they occur to cover entrance fee and transport costs.



Parental Involvement:

Working together toward your child’s development


St Luke’s Parents are fully involved in all aspects of their child’s school life. Your full cooperation and support in the following areas will ensure that we can provide the best possible foundation for your child’s future school career.

  • Please attend all parent-teacher meetings as requested.
  • Interact with school communication and surveys. Read newsletters and submit reply slips by the dates requested.
  • Offer to serve on the school committee which meets once per term.
  • Help with transport and supervision on at least one educational outing per year.
  • Help with serving for functions and events
  • Support all fundraising activities and parties/celebrations enthusiastically.
  • Keep in regular contact with your child’s teacher via the message book or preferably in person.
  • Bring any concerns or problems to the immediate attention of the class teacher or principal.
  • Take an interest in the theme for the week and cultural days and read to your child daily.
  • Offer your skills and services to the school that might be useful i.e: Transport of goods when needed, sewing, playing instruments, gardening, prayer.


Waste Materials: Up/Recycling at St Luke’s Educare

Parents, please collect the following items which we will use for our creative projects. Send to school with your child on Monday mornings.
please note : No plastic/glass bottles please.

∙ Cardboard boxes of all shapes and sizes e.g. cereal boxes, egg boxes etc.
∙ Cardboard wine sleeves
∙ Toilet roll and paper towel tubes.
∙ Computer paper, coloured paper, thin and thick cardboard. Paper with writing on one side is perfectly acceptable.
∙ Used Christmas cards, calendars, old magazines – no “You’s’ please, preferably ‘Your Family’. ‘Fair Lady’, ‘Huisgenoot’, Car.
∙ Sucker sticks, corks, well used paper plates
∙ Books and games gently used
∙ Wood offcuts are suitable for glueing or banging nails into for workbench.
∙ Sticky labels, especially round ones.
∙ Polystyrene trays, margarine, yoghurt and cream cheese containers.
∙ Orange, onion, squash and garlic bags.
∙ Buttons and trimmings, florist ribbon.
∙ Sawdust and wood shavings.
∙ Elastic, material offcuts
∙ Anything else you think we may be able to use!

If you are in the printing business and have access to paper and cardboard, envelopes etc, the school would be very grateful for any donations